Daystate Wolverine 303

daystate_Wolverine_303_reviewsThe new Wolverine 303 – Daystate develop the big bore sporting rifle in response to great demand from airgun hunters world wide.

In addition to packing a 303 caliber punch the multishot wolverine is also unique in featuring gun handling and safety’s that will be more familiar to firearm shooters such as a bolt open safety a resettable safety catch plus a pressure system that prevents the rifle chambering more than one bullet at a time.

The Wolverine will continue the Daystate heritage, that is, to be the most advanced, most powerful precharged airguns ever built.

The new Wolverine is the end -product of a team of British and Italian designers and engineers who have combined 30 years of airgun and 60 years of shotgun technologies to create a new generation of Airguns that will ensure Daystate’s position as Manufacturer of the finest Airguns in the world.

The Wolverine project incorporates all that Daystate have learned in over 30 years of pioneering precharged airgun design and manufacture.

Daystate Wolverine 303
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